Selena-Demi: BFF in Reality!

But I think this is obsolete now as stated here. So sad! 😦 I actually like them together. Even wished I could also find my Selena. I hope you get the point that I am the Princess so Demi would have to be me. No rolling eyes! This is my blog. 

Aaawww! But I still can’t get over them breaking the BFF relationship. Huwaaaaaaah! I really have to sleep. No more googling for now.

Assignment Number 1 done. Verify if Selena and Demi are real life BFFs. Well, they WERE not ARE.

Assignment Number 2: Create a list of princess’ movies. Watch and be sure to submit reaction   posts.

Assignment…epppppp! More assignments soon! I really should punish my royal ass for being a royal pain in the ass. 😀



Eureka…I am a Princess!

That realization came after watching the movie “Princess Protection Program” starring Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. I just had to create a blog to document the discovery. I believe I will find out more of my lineage soon. 😀 This blog will surely be useful by that time…

For now…let me just talk about PPP.

Aside from the few waters in my eyes after watching, I happened to have fallen in love with the OST “One And The Same”. Demi and Selena looks really cute on this video – like a real BFF! I’ve been wanting to ask google if they really are, But not today. I’ve been dying to close my precious princess eyes. I have to be always beautiful for my  people, you know…


And I might make a marathon of all the princess’ movies one of these days. A move to regain my lost memories…Maybe I could find a clue to who I really am. For now, I’ll just be contented in being “Her Royal Highness Princess Anonym!”

Well, goodnight folks! 🙂